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REPEAT – Coping With Oppositional Forces

Wednesday 8th December 2021


NOTE : Special Option

This session on 8th December is a repeat because we’ll be at the Summit of the Senior Executives’ Association over 8-10 December.  This is an online event and you’re very welcome to attend.

The Senior Executives’ Association (SEA) is the peak association for top-level leaders in the Federal government.  Team Results is presenting at this Summit and we’d like to cordially invite you to join us.

You don’t need to be a senior leader (or even a Fed) to attend the SEA Summit – in fact it’s a good way to get some insider insight into what the top levels of the Fed are planning for the 2022 year, and how they see the future rolling out for all of us.

We’ll also be chairing a live panel on Simulation-based learning (what TR does for a day job) from 1:00pm-2:00pm at this Summit on Thursday 9th December.  It’s called “The Simulation Revolution” and features Rear Admiral James Robb USN (Ret) who is President of The National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA), Mr Mujtaba Hamid who is Microsoft’s Lead for Modeling and Simulation,  Dr John Vozenilek who is Chief Medical Officer for Simulation at the JUMP Medical Simulation Center in Peoria Il, and our CEO John Kolm as Chair.

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As you work to lead people and teams, it would be nice to think that everyone is always on your side. Sometimes, though, they aren’t. All of us as leaders have experienced people who resist our ideas and our influence, and who sometimes are even opposed to our success.

United Nations conflict resolution specialist and legal expert Vikram (Vik) Kapoor has been advising senior leaders in this area for decades. He has defused many situations where leaders were experiencing oppositional behavior, and has a distinguished track record in finding a way through the conflict.

Join us at this webinar to emerge with five insider strategies used by leaders and conflict resolution specialists to deal with everything from mild disagreement to outright sabotage. Vik will give us some case studies, make some points from his high-level international experience that are not usually found in books and courses, and leave you with a personal career advantage for handling opposition.

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