Everyone at Team Results is focused on increasing your team productivity by using modern methods that are measurable and sustainable. Our facilitators have real track records as leaders – not just as facilitators – that will command the respect of your most demanding staff. Our technicians are expert in our proprietary systems, highly trained, and focused on you and your needs. And our support staff guarantee the smooth running of Team Results even when the rest of us are working with clients locally and overseas.

CEO John Kolm is an innovator of 21st century team productivity programs, a best-selling author, and a former intelligence officer.

Originally from Australia, John formed Team Results in 1996 with retired business partner and decorated veteran Peter Ring as the end result of an experiment that began in 1993. Driven by frustration with the team development options then available to business and government, and with encouragement from early clients, they applied their academic training and practical leadership experience to build the unique approach to team productivity improvement that eventually became Team Results. The company grew rapidly, expanded to a wholly US-owned branch in the United States in 2005, and now operates as a very successful business in both hemispheres.

In 2004 John and Peter wrote the global bestseller “Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail” (Penguin, available here at, consolidating ten years of work with peak clients into a compelling story about team productivity, leadership in business and government, and happiness at work. The book has been re-published in seven languages and fourteen countries, and a sequel is in the works. John is also the author of numerous articles and papers on team dynamics in the modern workplace, some of which can be found in the News Room on this site.

John is qualified in Psychology from the University of Melbourne, and in mathematics and statistics from the U.S. National Cryptologic School, where he also taught on the faculty.


Operations Manager Amanda Biller is a senior leader with 20 years of Operations experience and is also a certified Team Results program facilitator.  As well, she is a qualified technical director on Team Results programs, making her a useful resource for clients and a person who truly understands client needs. Amanda is qualified in psychology  from St Mary’s college and is a frequent commentator on workplace teamwork and leadership in conference keynotes and in the media.


Facilitator Denise Chase is a thought and practice leader in the field of modern learning. With a doctoral degree in Educational Research and Evaluation, over 18 years developing research- and science- based models of leadership, and some 15 years’ management experience as a top leader at educational institutions for the State of Virginia, Dr Chase brings a balanced and highly credible set of skills to clients.

Dr Chase has a strong belief in the value of knowledge learned from practice and simulation being applied back on the job. She has been with Team Results USA since 2008 and in that time has worked with many hundreds of program participants, blending strong academic credentials with the practical results for which the company is well


Facilitator Steve Elm‘s specialized experience in London and New York City gives him a distinctive value-add to Team Results clients. With more than 30 year’s facilitation experience, Steve is also a graduate of London’s prestigious Rose Bruford College and a long-standing teacher, producer and leader in the New York performing arts community. Since 2008, his work with Team Results has benefited from his expertise in presentation, communication, performance and humor as a leader and organizer of small and large teams.

Steve believes strongly in rehearsal as a major tool for group strategy-building. When not working with Team Results, he produces plays in New York and teaches at the Wolf Trap Center for the Performing Arts in VA. Steve is also a leader in New York’s Oneida Native American community.


Facilitator Terlene Terry-Todd (Terry) joined Team Results in 2009, bringing two Master’s degrees (one in educational research, one in performance) and more than 35 years’ experience as a master facilitator to our clients. Terry is an expert in team dynamics and presentation, and is also a multi-awarded achiever with honors from several nationally renowned organizations – including Martin Luther King Educator of the Year in 2008. Terry has also held numerous academic appointments.

Teams benefit from Terry’s combination of high academic qualifications with a zest for life, action, practical achievement and results. As an successful entrepreneur in her own right, Terry also brings high credibility to her belief in the productivity benefit of practical, experience-based team strategy development through tailored simulation.


Facilitator Mike Ring served with U.S. Special Operations Forces for over two decades, and is expert in leadership training and small team dynamics. He also holds degrees in psychology and management, and is completing a PhD.

Mike has over 20 years’ facilitation and leadership experience, is a world authority on national and organizational culture and conflict resolution, and also owns his own successful business consulting on international affairs.


Facilitator Simon Willis is a retired two-star army general who specializes in team dynamics and leadership strategy. Among other appointments, Simon served as CEO for Joint Education and Training for the Australian Department of Defense – closely coordinated with the U.S. DoD – and as Head of Australian Defense Staff in the United States. He also served as Commandant of the Royal Military College of Australia, which is Australia’s counterpart to West Point.

Simon’s education includes the University of New South Wales, the U.S. Army War College and Harvard University. An expert in civilian as well as military team dynamics and productivity improvement, Simon has been with Team Results since 2006 and in that time has helped to run leadership development for over 2,000 program participants.


MajGen Joe GrayFacilitator Joseph G. (Joe) Gray is a retired Major General with a distinguished record in leadership, strategic planning/operations and mentoring. Joe served as Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff of Mobilization and Reserve Affairs for the Department of the Army, also commanding eleven other units including the 220th Military Police Brigade and the 97th Army Reserve Command, and serving as Chief of Staff of the 310th Theater Army Area Command. Joe’s seventeen decorations and awards for outstanding service include the Distinguished Service Medal and the Legion of Merit.

An expert in civilian and industry team dynamics as well as the military and civil service, Joe has served as Associate Chief Medical Director for External Affairs with the VA, and in the corporate world has held management roles in the General Electric company, two large Chambers of Commerce and the broadcasting industry. Joe has been with Team Results since early 2013 and is known for his leadership philosophy, his skill as a facilitator and coach, and his humor and capacity to communicate at all levels.


Technical Director Cory Lutz has been with Team Results since late 2005. Cory studied at the John Hopkins Computer Career Institute, and is the peak source of expertise for the more than 8,000 proprietary props, 5000-plus possible tailored program designs, and all the technical and logistic features which create a large part of the hallmark look and feel of each Team Results program. As prop master, he also oversees the set-up and safety for an average of 2900 props – about 700 different types – per retreat.

Along with CEO John Kolm, Cory was instrumental in designing and building the proprietary technology that powers many of these props and provides sophisticated, fun, and vitally useful and relevant team and individual feedback.


Technician Andy Tobin is an experienced technical and special effects setup specialist for In-person programs, and is also our lead expert for running Virtual programs. He ensures that all of the props and technology, unique to Team Results, are in place and working properly. With a background in commercial aviation and event management, Andy understands the fine detail and high standards needed to make the Team Results experience different and special.


Third Technician Liz Lutz provides support for all technical and logistic aspects in our programs. With a medical background, Liz understands the importance of safety and of maintaining our perfect safety record. Like all our technicians, Liz is trained and accredited for Team Results programs.



All our people have the following things in common:

  • For facilitators, tertiary degrees in relevant disciplines
  • For facilitators, minimum 15 years’ direct leadership experience in key roles and realities of the “real world”
  • Serious achievements in their own right, which make them credible to your own people
  • Extensive experience with Team Results USA ; and
  • Real, unforced passion and enthusiasm for what they do.

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