Virtual Programs

Virtual Programs

Fully-online, Virtual Team Results Programs Available Now

A six-day, one-plus hour daily online program for teamwork and leadership.

With so many people working remotely or from home at the moment, a Virtual Program is the perfect answer for unifying your work team.  Instead of waiting till the last minute when social distancing measures are lifted and there’s a big rush to get work teams up to speed again, a Team Results Virtual Program can put you months ahead of the game.

Even with a Virtual Program, it’s still possible to avoid the traps of PowerPoint presentations, lectures and team-building games – none of which prepare people for leadership. A Team Results Virtual Program offers the same benefits of practice, rehearsal and laughter for which our regular, face-to-face programs are famous. Top organizations like IBM, Pfizer, Toyota, DHS, the FDA, the State Department and many others have relied on Team Results for these benefits for years.

In a Virtual Program, your team will be managing a simulated crisis online, using email, web resources and phone calls to create practice, rehearsal, real benefit, new friendships, laughter, and focus on your outcomes.  The project is worthy of adults, and our expertise in designing unique scenarios keeps it exciting.  There’s no outside software or I.T. risk because you will be using your own systems.

Your team will be engaged for around six work days at about an hour a day online, leaving the rest of the time for their normal work day. Like all our programs, there is expert live facilitation throughout, including regular debriefs and coaching available 24/7.

(If you are a Government authority, Team Results is on the GSA and MAPT Schedules.  Click here for more.)


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