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You’re cordially invited to join our global bestselling author and CEO John Kolm and  guests for the monthly Wednesday Webinar from 1:00-2:00pm EST on the first Wednesday of every month.

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When you were looking for a partner at the school dance, the commonest advice was “Sit in a corner and you’ll stay there.” The exact same advice applies to reinventing yourself at work, but it’s a lot harder. How do you do it? Should you do it at all? And how do you cope with the many practicalities ranging from finding a new direction to paying the mortgage to feeling too old or too entrenched to try something new?

Right now we’re in a golden age for self-reinvention at work, but good help is hard to find. Former top-level engineering executive Chuck Sweeney has managed the change very successfully himself, and he has also helped hundreds of other people who were looking to change direction – some just a little, some into completely new fields. Join us to hear Chuck’s five proven rules for your own successful self-reinvention in the workplace, and for turning your plans and ideas into a reality.

This is our way of giving back, at a time when leaders have both the space and the need for new approaches.

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