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Starting Wednesday May 4th, the Wednesday Webinar will be monthly on the first Wednesday.

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You’re cordially invited to join our global bestselling author and CEO John Kolm and  guests for the monthly Wednesday Webinar from 1:00-2:00pm EST on the first Wednesday of every month.

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The next monthly Wednesday Webinar on May 4th is a repeat of one of our most popular ever webinars, offering elite tips on the subject of coaching. The special guest is Terlene Terry-Todd, performer and senior leader at the Wolf Trap Center for the Performing Arts and also Martin Luther King Educator of the year – among many other accolades. Terry is one of the nation’s leading authorities on coaching people and teams to perform at the elite level.

How do successful leaders influence people far and wide? Reaching just your own circle of coaches and helpers is not enough in these new times. Discover how the best leaders and project managers do it, and some of the approaches they use to influence groups and teams at multiple levels. Organizations like Toyota, Pfizer, FEMA and the State Department are expert at this and we’ll share their secrets.

Find five practical ways to coach the coaches, and to spread your influence and your ability to make a difference to every corner of the organization. Case studies include the Wolf Trap center, Toyota, some leading ideas from Harvard university, and 25 years of practice with about 60 large organizations.

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This is our way of giving back, at a time when leaders have both the space and the need for new approaches.

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