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Coping With Totally Impossible People

Wednesday 4th August 2021

We’ve all seen presentations on “Coping With Difficult People”. This webinar is not that. The question we’ll address here is what you do when all those methods fail – when you have people who are totally impossible, totally disruptive, totally resistant to every reasonable technique in the book. What then?

Our expert guest has a lot of clinical and practical experience in this field and will help you to be one of the leaders who can deal with with such people. There are well-understood rules that help psychologists and diplomats to recognize and manage the warning signs, and our guest will share these with you.

Hopefully you will never have a completely unreasonable and oppositional disruptor to deal with in a team, but if you are (or aspire to be) a professional leader, odds are that one will come your way. Join this webinar to pick up five key tips and to become one of the few leaders and bosses who can cope.

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