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You’re cordially invited to join our global bestselling author and CEO John Kolm and  guests for the once-fortnightly Wednesday Webinar from 1:00-2:00pm EST every second Wednesday.

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Anyone who has ever been in a tense situation knows that we think and lead very differently under pressure. The classroom lessons and little aphorisms tend to go away under stress, so what’s left?

Former U.S. Coast Guard Chief Paul Cormier JD is a decorated veteran who became famous for his role in the aftermath of the 1990 Jupiter tanker explosion. As the head of a charitable mission in Haiti and a serving Coast Guard officer, he was also present during the 2010 earthquake and was instrumental in the immediate response. Paul is an expert on leadership in high-stress environments and will offer us some insider wisdom on how to lead successfully during the pressured 2022 year to come.

You will leave this webinar with five insider tips for being known as a stress-busting leader in situations where many people lose their heads and forget their training. Of all the skills needed for the next changes in 2022, this one will be the most important. Join us to find out how the pros do it.

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