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AOC Capitol ClubAOC Capitol Club members, welcome and thank you for your service.

This page, accessible to AOC members only, is a special enrollment portal which allows you to access the Team Results Masterclass at the Federal discount as an exclusive benefit of AOC Capitol Club membership.

Our CEO, John Kolm, began his career as a DoD Intel Officer and is an AOC Capitol Club member. He runs the Team Results Masterclass personally, and looks forward to welcoming you to the 2020 Masterclass sessions.

Enroll by February 7th for the March 9-11 Session

Practice Is The Best Preparation


What is the Team Results Masterclass?

The Team Results Masterclasses scheduled over 2020 are a teamwork and leadership retreat, but with a big difference. You will be managing an imaginary crisis, actually doing and leading for 2½ days, rather than sitting through presentations. There are no lectures and no PowerPoints. As an Old Crow, your expertise will be recognized, and owing to the use of Hollywood special effects to keep things exciting, you’ll also have the time of your life.

The location of the Team Results Masterclass, showing accommodation and grounds

The location is our Simulation Center in the hills of VA where many senior groups have met before.  You will be working out of a beautiful modern meeting center, walking through outdoor areas that date back to old times as meeting places, and sleeping in high-end bedrooms. You’ll be able to enjoy both the historic outdoors and the beautiful indoor areas, spending roughly equal time in both. It’s a special place, ideally suited to thinking deeply about your own leadership goals and how you want to get there.

  • Instruction from John Kolm, a global best-selling author who has trained diplomats, senior Feds, senior military and CEOs
  • Two days at our special Camp-David-like retreat center for decision makers and high-potential leaders
  • All inclusive food/accommodation/tuition/unlimited coaching, all you have to do is drive to Middleburg MD
  • At a price most people would pay just to stay at a retreat, and far below Team Results’ usual fees.

If you’d like a short flyer with more detail exclusively for AOC Capitol Club members, click here to get it.

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Referees Speak

Listen to three senior people talk about their experiences on the Team Results Masterclass

Ken Fischer

CEO, Atigro

Internet Branding

Dr Danny Haddad

Chief of Operations, Orbis

Eyesight restoration

Patrick Nolan


I.T. Infrastructure

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Why should I go?

You should join us at the next Team Results Masterclass if, as an Old Crow or in your wider work and goals, you:

  • See value in making real and deep friendships with fellow attendees in senior roles in business and government
  • Have an interest in finding new ways of thinking about complex problems with people and organizations
  • Are looking for practical strategies to add to your existing leadership skillset.

There are no trivial team building games, no lectures from “experts”, no PowerPoints and no hackneyed leadership clichés. Most of us have done that a dozen times before in other programs. This is the next level, based on the way Team Results USA’s high-end clients train their top people. Team Results has simply made it as inexpensive as they can, and now offers a warm welcome to AOC Capitol Club members.

Rural peace in the hills of VA

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What do I do next?

If you would like to join us, the next move is to make contact as follows:

Be sure to click on the above enrollment link from this members-only Old Crows page. That gets you the Federal discount.

Your sleeping room at our Simulation Center in VA

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