Meet The Leaders

Meet The Leaders logoAbout the show.  “Meet The Leaders” is a not-for-profit television program written and produced by Team Results USA for broadcast in Montgomery County MD, and to streaming  viewers around the nation.

Meet The Leaders” began because we met so many CEOs, top Government officials and other senior people during team programs.  We had the idea of pitching a TV series in which we simply asked these people how they got where they are today, and what advice they might have for the rest of us.  This is the result.

Right now, Season One is airing and Season Two is in production.  Scroll below to see a list of all the episodes in Season One, and for those that have aired so far, on-demand links to the shows from Montgomery Television.


Season One

Episode 1 – original air date June 21 and August 2, 2017 – Prof Ron Stevens, leading brain researcher, UCLA

Episode 2 – original air date June 28 and August 9, 2017 – Peter Ring, Australia’s leading teamwork expert

Episode 3 – original air date July 5 and August 16, 2017 – Prof Rebecca Razavi, entrepreneurship expert, Montgomery College

Episode 4 – original air date July 12 and August 23/30, 2017 – Alan Tetervin, successful local business founder

Episode 5 – original air date July 19 and September 6, 2017 – Meredith Maslich, CEO, Possibilities Book Publishing

Episode 6 – original air date July 26 and September 19, 2017 – Chef Jacques Haeringer, leading chef and TV personality


To watch upcoming episodes, tune in at 10:00pm EST  Wednesdays and 3:30pm EST Fridays: