Corporate Responsibility

Creating the Human Being is everyone’s business.

Team Results has a simple outlook.  We like people. We like teams. We also think that it’s incumbent upon anyone in the teamwork and leadership business to lead by attitude and example.  For all these reasons – and because we love the fun and friendships – community outreach projects are a natural fit.  Talk is cheap.  Doing something real is the only thing that has ever brought people together, created equality and respect, or created an awareness of each other’s needs that is the basis of all human ethics.

What’s Being Done

Our work with communities currently falls into two categories:

  • Free community education and training in teamwork and leadership; and
  • Support for a village in Haiti affected by the 2010 earthquake.

Our Wednesday Webinars are a free public service aimed at putting high-end teamwork and leadership resources within everyone’s reach. Not everyone has access to budgets or corporate resources for all the training they might need, but all of us benefit from a workforce of well-trained and well-prepared team members and leaders.  The Wednesday Webinars, run every second Wednesday, cover a variety of team and leadership related subjects with top-level guests in business and government.  There is no charge or commercial message, and the intention is to give back to the working community – especially during the pandemic when the need is greatest.

Our work in Haiti – see photos and videos below – is a consequence of the 2010 earthquake, when our CEO traveled to Bossier, a town of 2000 people about a mile from the quake epicenter, as part of a rescue team. Team Results has had friends there ever since.  We helped to build a school in Bossier in 2012 – now with 200 sponsored students – and in late 2020 helped to install an Artesian well when the regular wells dried up as a result of climate change. We consider ourselves part of the Bossier community and are regular visitors.  Our future plans include water pipes for the fresh well water, a freshwater shower block, and reliable electrical power.

If you’d like to help us with our work in the community, drop a line to .


Dec 2020, Haiti- Below, L to R: School Director Sorel Damour, Drilling engineer Wisnel Magard pick a drilling spot Dec 2020, Haiti- Below: Drilling rig for the Artesian well arrives evening of 8th Dec 2020
Dec 2020, Haiti- Below: Sorel Damour and the drainage ditch crew Dec 2020, Haiti – Below: Drilling bits laid out
Dec 2020, Haiti- Below: Kids from our Soleil School gather around a mockup of the well head.

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