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Now enrolling for the 12-16 July Virtual Team Results Masterclass

(Federal Government clients enroll here instead.)

Practice Is The Best Preparation

First class professional development, all safely done online, including coaching, and at a rate well below other high-end options.

The Virtual Team Results Masterclass is an online teamwork and leadership retreat, but with a big difference. You will be managing an imaginary crisis, actually doing and leading for 5 days at 3 hours a day, rather than sitting through presentations. There are no lectures and no PowerPoints. As person with your own wisdom and ideas, your expertise will be respected, and owing to the use of real-world spycraft techniques to keep things exciting, you’ll also have the time of your life!

An ingenious solution that avoids the tedium of standard online team development

This program is run entirely online, still the only safe solution at the current stage of the pandemic.

You will be busy online for five days part-time managing a simulated crisis full of excitement, fun and human connection.  Two hours of personal one-on-one coaching after the program is included. Most attendees have  management responsibilities in government and business at the mid- to senior management level, but anyone who leads people – or plans to – will benefit.

Action – not talk – is what gets results. This program is all about action.

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Referees Speak

Listen to three senior people talk about their experiences on the Team Results Masterclass

Ken Fischer

CEO, Atigro

Internet Branding

Dr Danny Haddad

Chief of Operations, Orbis

Eyesight restoration

Patrick Nolan


I.T. Infrastructure

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Your needs

If you are in a Small to Mid-sized business

Small to mid-sized business

  • Attracting new clients is essential
  • Keeping and growing existing clients is also essential
  • Being the go-to team everyone wants to work with is the secret.

Lectures and PowerPoints won’t help you do any of those things. But rehearsing a fun and exciting leadership scenario with other leaders and expert facilitation will. SME clients include the referrals on this page.

Rehearse the practical team and leadership skills needed to get people to do stuff.

Download a detailed PDF prospectus by clicking here.

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If you are in a Corporate environment


  • Careers depend on your ability to influence and lead others
  • The ability to get team tasks done well is the most important skill
  • The willingness to sharpen your own skillsets is what makes a winner.

The needed skills are practical, and the answers are not to be found in lectures, textbooks or PowerPoint slides. Corporate clients include IBM, Toyota and Pfizer.

Top leadership is looking for doers, not talkers, so rehearse the skills they want.

Download a detailed PDF prospectus by clicking here.

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If you are in Government


  • Transformational leadership is the #1 OPM competency that builds careers
  • Practical team skills are the number one thing top seniors are looking for
  • Taking charge of your own professional development is essential.

Government is teamwork, and many very successful civil servants are graduates of this program. Clients include the FDA, NIH, FEMA, OPM, NASA, NOAA, State Department and many others.

Develop your career by graduating from a well-known leadership program.

The Team Results Masterclass is a GSA Advantage! preferred program. Download a detailed PDF prospectus by clicking here. Full Team Results GSA catalog here. Enroll at GSA rate here.



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What do I do next?

If you would like to join us, the next move is to make contact as follows:


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