What we have achieved with Team Results is truly remarkable.

Ken Asano, President of Toyota

At last – in Team Results, we’ve finally found something that works.

Peter Nikoletatos, Director, Business Operations BHP Billiton

It was the best session of its type I’ve ever attended. We actually achieved something -and we had fun!

Mr Dave Beck, Solutions Specialist, Dow Jones


Team Results is the world leader in team productivity improvement

Gone are the team-building games, ropes courses, hackneyed catchphrases and pseudo-science of yesteryear. In their place comes a new era of modern ideas, based on originality, credibility, results and measurement – and all done with fun and laughter.

We’ll equip your work team with their own, proven, practical strategies that will raise work productivity by 20 to 60 percent.

Join leading organizations like Toyota, Pfizer and the Federal Government to experience the Team Results difference.

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Joy at Work, Leadership, Team Dynamics

If you’re searching for answers, join the club! Crocodile Charlie is too. Check out what he’s discovered so far:

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Charlie bicycle(Animated Short) Charlie’s Teambuilding Fail.

The epic tale of a man, a course manual, and a bicycle. Click here to watch!




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(Based on our global Penguin bestseller, “Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail”)




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